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December 9, 2015[ultimatesocial networks="facebook,twitter,linkedin" count="false" align="left" skin="round" url="" ]

In July 2015 more than thirty leaders in the Video for Change field gathered in Tepoztlán, Mexico, for the second global meeting of the  Video4Change Network. This convening was made possible with an initial grant from Bertha Foundation. The Video4Change Network is a global consortium of non-profits (many of whom are Bertha grantees) advancing the use of video and technology for social change. The event convened organisations from India, Argentina, Kenya, Malaysia, the US, Guatemala and more for a week of strategic conversations, knowledge sharing and network building. The network is made up of more than a dozen organisations, primarily with a focus on short-form, citizen video from the ‘global south’.

5ce5c1f4-38e9-4dbf-a9e9-fed716646656 Some of these organisations include Bertha grantees STEPS, Video Volunteers, and Videre. In line with the Foundation’s mission and the Video4Change Network’s efforts to bring together a consortium of inspiring, hands-on leaders and trainers, these groups are creating local and tangible impact through the use of media and technology. Members provide tools and tactics  to explore, enhance, and share the stories of disadvantaged individuals and marginalised communities, amplifying their voices and impact.

Hosted by SocialTIC and two Bertha grantees, EngageMedia and WITNESS, the week began with a stock take of the activities and objectives of each organisation, many of whom hadn’t seen each other since the previous Video4Change convening in Indonesia in 2012. Discussions ensued regarding emerging technologies such as live streaming, the state of the Video for Change movement in different regions, mapping training pedagogies, and much more.

1446058758212We examined existing projects within the network, such as the impact initiative, and explored future strategy and activities of the network, coming up with dozens of project ideas to grow the Video for Change field.

Given the event’s location in Latin America there was a particular emphasis on developing relationships with regional groups. Approximately a third of the organisations present were from Latin America, including Ojo al Sancocho from Colombia, Cine en Movimiento from Argentina, and Red Tz’ikin from Guatemala. They brought a wealth of community cinema knowledge, as well as a series of concepts including ‘decolonizing the frame’ and ‘audiovisual sovereignty’, which we explored throughout the week. A two day Latin America Video4Change meeting followed the global convening.

We wrapped the global convening with a fantastic public day in Mexico City that included dozens of workshops, and a public forum at the Centro de Cultura Digital.

We are excited about the next stages of the network and the contribution such a body can make to the broader field. Having the opportunity to share challenges and knowledge, and to collectively develop ideas with our peers has been a hugely valuable experience.

If you are interested to find out more you can join the discussion at #video4change, as well as explore the site.

Along with Bertha Foundation, the Mexico Video4Change Network convening was made possible by support from Hivos and the Ford Foundation.

Andrew Lowenthal, Co-founder and Director of Strategy and Development, EngageMedia

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