Bertha Foundation supports field-building and collaboration between activists, storytellers and lawyers. These interactive case studies explore how our grantees fight for social justice through activism, media and the law.

Case Studies

Thanks to the Martin Ennals Awards for
footage of Alejandra Anchieta used in
the Bertha Impact video.

The Battle
for Narrative

Learn how Bertha and Skylight have worked together to expand the use of media for human rights and social justice.

Working Together to Expose Human Rights Abuses

Learn how Bertha supported the the multi-award winning documentary film No Fire Zone, exposing human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

Film Support from Production to Impact

Learn how Bertha helped support the film Virunga, an Academy Award and BAFTA nominated documentary, through production, outreach and distribution.

Harnessing the
Power of Video

Aiming to facilitate the power of media to support legal campaigns, Bertha Foundation awarded a grant to NMAP to create video content that amplifies the work of partners in the Bertha Justice Network.

Justice for Victims
of State Violence

In the wake of the Marikana massacre, Bertha supported activists, storytellers and lawyers whose projects form part of a broad campaign for the Marikana miners and their families fighting for justice.

An Injury to One...

The Bertha Justice Initiative facilitates a global network of public interest law centers that unites for protection and support of its lawyers. The network responded to security threats in Mexico against ProDESC's founder and initiated the Women's Working Group to address unique gender-based challenges faced by women human rights defenders.

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