Joint Statement from Tshisimani and Bertha Foundation

For the past six years Tshisimani and Bertha Foundation have been in a funding partnership to develop a hub for activist education in Cape Town, South Africa. Over this time Tshisimani has received R110 million funding from Bertha Foundation.

In recent meetings our two organizations reached an amicable and mutual agreement to part ways. Both Tshisimani and Bertha Foundation would like to highlight that this is being done on good terms and with the best interests of both parties and the groups they serve at heart.  

Tshisimani appreciates the support received from Bertha Foundation to date and looks forward to continuing its work independently of Bertha Foundation. Bertha Foundation and Tshisimani would like to recognize and thank the many staff, partners, and supporters who have over the years positively contributed to advancing Tshisimani’s vision.

Both parties have agreed that Bertha Foundation will leave Tshisimani with generous support to continue operations while Tshisimani works to fulfil its aim of becoming financially sustainable and independent.