The Social Impact Storytelling portfolio cultivates and empowers narratives that build frameworks for human rights and social justice for all.

Bertha offers bespoke funding for social impact story creators and partners with media organizations who build capacity to reclaim and shape narratives. We fund diverse journalism and distribution initiatives to amplify the impact of under-told stories, exposing audiences to content that calls them to action.



Supporting multimedia social justice story creation through bespoke funding programs


Empowering marginalized voices through media training for communities and individuals


Making social justice stories accessible to audiences and enabling them to take action


Bertha Artivism Awards

The Bertha Artivism Award is a global funding opportunity for activist artists,
arts collectives and organizations around the world to use the arts as a Call to
Action – to nonviolently instigate measurable change in a community. Going
beyond ‘raising awareness’ Bertha Artivists will empower and mobilize
communities in collaboration with social justice organizations, campaigns
or movements to achieve specific and measurable change. The first cohort of
Bertha Artivists began in January 2022.

Meet the Bertha Artivists

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Angélica Dass

Bertha Artivist

Eliza Factor

Bertha Artivist


Bertha Artivist

Good Chance Theatre

Bertha Artivist

Sonali Bhattacharyya

Bertha Artivist

Festivales Solidarios

Bertha Artivist

Decriminalised Futures

Bertha Artivist

Rasha Nahas & Lorena Junghans

Bertha Artivist

Storytelling Funds

Bertha supports bespoke funding programs for storytellers in partnership
with global media organizations.


  • IDFA Bertha Fund

    The IDFA Bertha Fund is the only fund in the world dedicated solely to stimulating and empowering the creative documentary sector in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and Oceania.

  • AXS Film Fund

    The AXS Film Fund supports documentary filmmakers and non-fiction new media creators of color with disabilities.

  • Brown Girls Doc Mafia Directors Grant

    The BGDM Black Directors Grant supports documentary and new media projects directed by Black women and non-binary people of color.

  • Bertha-Kiln Writers Program

    The Bertha-Kiln Writers Program is an opportunity for Women writers of Color to create brand-new plays from first draft to stage.

Past Funds

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Bertha / Doc Society Journalism Fund


Guardian Bertha Documentary Partnership


Building Capacity

Capacity Building Media Partners

Bertha supports media organizations that empower marginalized voices,
they provide media training, initiatives and resources for communities
and individuals so they can tell their stories safely and effectively.


  • Insightshare Indigenous Fellowship

    The Living Cultures Indigenous Fellowship delivers remote training in participatory media to Indigenous Peoples.

  • Life Mosaic

    Life Mosaic creates media resources and trainings to support Indigneous Peoples to defend their rights.

  • Skylight

    Skylight strengthens social justice movements through cinematic storytelling and catalyzes collaborative networks of artists and activists.


    WITNESS helps people use video and technology to protect and defend human rights.

Engaging Audiences

Media Distribution and Audience Engagement

To amplify the impact and exposure of under-told stories, Bertha funds diverse
journalism initiatives working to uncover, document and report on stories across the
globe. Bertha simultaneously supports both traditional and nontraditional distribution
initiatives ranging from film festivals to cinemas to TV channels. Coupled with
the support of organizations, Bertha is enabling content to be seen across platforms
around the world that can be used to affect change on a local and global level.

Independent & Investigative Journalism

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amaBhunghane Centre for Investigative Journalism

South Africa

Declassified UK

United Kingdom

Democracy Now!

United States of America

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

United States of America

The Real News Network

United States of America

Outreach and Distribution

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Bertha Dochouse

United Kingdom

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam


Bertha Movie House

South Africa

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