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Bertha House is home for individuals and collectives working to make a difference in their communities. Nestled in Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa, this historically significant and centrally located space serves as a hub where a diverse array of activists, educators, organizers, storytellers, and other social actors can congregate, collaborate and learn together. 

Bertha Retreat is a rural retreat and convening space one hour outside of Cape Town where Bertha Foundation grantees, NGOs, partner organisations, the surrounding communities and other users can meet to connect, work, strategise, and reflect. Bertha Retreat includes accommodation for 34 people, conferencing facilities and meeting rooms, a micro-farming and food production project, and a community resource centre.

About Bertha Spaces

Bertha Spaces is a program of the Bertha Foundation, a global human rights foundation working to bring about social and economic justice and human rights for all.

This program was created to address the lack of access to physical spaces and programs that center activists and communities; to amplify the work of activists working toward a common cause by facilitating connections, purposeful relationships, and ongoing collaboration; and to intentionally and meaningfully connect the existing spaces within the Bertha grantee network.

The Bertha Spaces program is based on the theory that when activists convene and collaborate on an ongoing and consistent basis, the impact of their work increases. Bertha Spaces creates the environment and programs to support this vital work and facilitate powerful connections and continued opportunities for activists and local communities to learn from each other, share resources, and connect.

Bertha Spaces practices are informed by the Bertha Foundation’s deep commitment to human rights and social justice, and the inherent value of in-person connection to advance these values; the work of Bertha Foundation’s global network of grantees; and intentionality around environmentally sustainable practices, fair labor practices, and creating opportunities for local communities.

Our work is grounded in our values of intentionality, collaboration, and community.

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Postane in Turkey, Istabul.

BLK Hudson in New York

Bertha House, Bertha Retreat and Philippi Village in Cape Town.

Locally grounded, globally connected.

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