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Cape Town's one-stop shop for activists to take their work and their communities to the next level.

Bertha House is a multi -purpose space for individuals and collectives working to make a difference in their communities.We’re a centrally located hub where activists, educators, organizers, storytellers, and other social actors can congregate, collaborate and learn together. 

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Venues are allocated in advance: please submit your booking well before the date and we will respond within 24 hours of receiving your request via email.  Should you need to cancel the booking please inform us immediately - no shows and late cancellations mean that we may have turned away partners that would have actually used the space.


Venue Spaces

Glass Room

(Max Room Capacity 12)

The glass room serves as a dedicated space for hosting meetings for small groups. Numerous small organizations have taken advantage of this space for activities such as strategic planning and training sessions.

With a capacity to accommodate a maximum of 12 individuals, this room is ideally designed to foster engagement and connection among small teams. It provides an ideal setting for intimate discussions and collaboration.


(Max Room Capacity 45)

Mzandisi, a meeting space that can accommodate up to 45 people, is perfectly suited for small to medium-sized groups.

With its capacity to accommodate a significant number of individuals, Mzandisi provides an ideal setting for hosting various events, discussions, and training sessions.


(Max Room Capacity 110)

The largest meeting space in the building, Kopanong, has served as a venue for various organizations. Kopanong offers versatile arrangements, making it an ideal space for hosting workshops, training sessions, and dance classes.

With its generous size, this room is perfectly suited for accommodating large groups, providing ample space to facilitate breakout sessions by dividing the room into two separate areas.


(Max Room Capacity 62)

The cinema is a valuable space for bringing films to individuals who may not have had easy access otherwise.

Through the bioscope we have been able to assist partners to curate and showcase exciting content enriching the cinematic experience for our community members and enabling the space to feature impactful films that resonate with our mission of creating positive change.


Co-work Membership

The co-work space at Bertha House provides an invaluable opportunity for small organizations to work in a professional office environment, even if they don't have a dedicated office of their own. Currently, this shared space is home to organizations that are making an impact in our society.

The co-work area encourages collaboration among groups that may not have had the chance to meet or work together otherwise.

Media Lab

At Bertha House, we are dedicated to supporting artists from various disciplines, which is why we have created a dedicated space - the Media Lab. This room specifically caters to the needs of young and aspiring photographers and filmmakers who have the talent and vision but may lack the necessary equipment to edit their work.

Equipped with editing suites, it serves as a valuable resource for artists who are passionate about creating projects centered around social justice and activism. We understand the importance of providing access to tools and facilities that empower artists to bring their visions to life.


Bertha House has 9 offices for rental on an annual basis. The offices are rented out to different civil society organisations.

Bertha House offers an exceptional opportunity for civil society organizations seeking quality office space at an affordable price. With its prime location and supportive community, it provides an ideal setting for organizations to thrive and make a positive impact on society.

In-house Services

Activist Cafe

Activist Cafe (Max Capacity 75) Wed 17:30 and Sat 08:00 - 16:00 only

The Activist Cafe at Bertha House is the central gathering point for all visitors, ranging from students and civil society organizations to artists. It serves as a vibrant and dynamic space where meaningful interactions take place.

The cafe hosts an array of events from BrownBag sessions that facilitate important discussions to the 2s and 4s concerts, poetry sessions and yoga sessions – there is something for everyone.

Activist Kitchen

Under the leadership of our head chef, Nondyebo Mboboza, from Mfuleni in Cape Town, the Activist Kitchen serves a diverse range of individuals every day. With a focus on inclusivity and meeting the needs of our users, we have curated a menu that ensures you will find exactly what you're looking for.

Whether you have specific dietary requirements, crave a taste of home, or are simply looking to explore new flavors, our menu has just that. From vegetarian and vegan dishes to savory meat-based creations, the Activist Kitchen offers something for everyone.

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